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    Their best song since their collaboration.

    December 5, 2013.

    They like to offer this song as live performing.

    It is a live performing for the private market.

    To 2 people who have found each other in this life.
    And from their heart have decided to share their lives together.
    If two incomplete people>
    Who have felt complete since that moment.

    The title of this song.

    'Somos Novios'

    A Spanish-speaking Bolero.

    Written by an Mexican Singer Songwriter

    Armando Manzanero

    1968 released

    For 50 years. The most performed romantic love song

    Wedding Song

    That is why Eugène Simon Impresario discovered the talented Lady Singer Rachima on 29 September 2013.

    And to every couple who find their love the most important thing in their lives,

    gives  to all couples in the whole world

    1 advice


    for musical accompaniment during their

    solemn wedding ceremony

    with their performance of the song

    'Somos Novios'






    Welcome to the website of


    The Soloists

    Eugène Simon Impresario

    Lounge and dinner music.

    The Soloist Instrumental

    Published Monday 23 april 2018 20:00 hrs





    Eugène Simon Impresario


    The Soloist Mr. Eugene 'Keys' Simon

    2 artists   included light and sound engineer

    Mr. Eugene 'Keys' Simon



    Rachima Blondeel Timmerman

    2 artists   included sound engineer

    Rachima Blondeel Timmerman

    Lady Singer Rachima

    2 artists   included light and sound engineer


    Lady Singer Rachima



    Solo Performing
    Live acoustic
    Singing, piano. grand piano or keyboard

    2 artists   including sound engineer

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    Important pro info:

    Usually there is

    a drummer,

    bass guitarist,


    solo guitarist

    keyboard player,

    sound company

    rented by our client.

    SomosNoviosBand performing in the Netherlands, Europe
    EU country
    Eugène Simon Impresario - keyboard
    Lady Singer Rachima
    Alex - bass guitarist
    Bryan - Drums
    Piet - saxofonist
    Jimmy - attack guitarist
    Addicted to sound - sound company

    8 artists  included sound engineer, light engineer


    It is contractually fixed

    that the chosen songs are perfectly rehearsed.

    Has been rehearsed online.
    So that the live performance is of good quality.

    Eugène Simon Impresario (company name)

    That is how it works

    with internationally working

    professional artists Company
    Eugène Simon Impresario.


    From 1990 until today 17 May 2018.


    28 years of experience as a performing artist manager and performing artist.

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    Eugène Simon Impresario and Lady Singer Rachima
    Performing as singers with the grand piano live acoustic
    WTC building, NH hotel chain, The Hague, the Netherlands
    EU country

    2 artists

    Solo Performing - together and also duets
    Live acoustic
    Singing, piano, grand piano or keyboard
    3 artists including sound engineer, light engineer

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    From left to right
    Glenn Kolmus - Eugène Simon Impresario - Lady Singer Rachima

    8 artists


    including light engineer, sound engineer, roady, private driver, sequrity equipment

    A maximum of 2 performances on Friday and Saturday evening per weekend.

    And a maximum of 10 performances per contract per year.

    Only in the Netherlands, England, Germany, Belgium,

    Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and the city of Paris in France.


    Solo Performing
    Live acoustic
    Singing, piano, grand piano, or keyboard, jazz guitarist and back vocal

    3 artists   including sound engineer

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    Solo Performing - together and also duets
    Live acoustic
    Singing, piano, grand piano, or keyboard, jazz guitarist and back vocal
    4 artists including sound engineer

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    Solo Performing - together and also duets
    Live acoustic Singing, piano, grand piano, or keyboard,
    jazz guitarist and back vocal
    attack guitarist and back vocal
    Bass guitarist and back vocal
    Drums and back vocal 
    Percussionist and back vocal
    3 trumpet players
    3 lady singers back vocal
    2 male dancers
    2 female
    sound engineer
    light engineer 
    5 roadies
    Highest good quality international years of experience of stage performing
    with good references multinational companies.

    25 artists

    40 live performances per year maximum per contract

    excluding taxes,
    clothing costs,
    travel expenses,
    hotel stay breakfast, dinner

    Because this product is offered as a service.

    We use a standard rate as a gage for the artists.

    25,000 euros

    You pay converted

    1000 euros

    per artist included impresario costs

    less than usual




    Ask and become wise !


    Thank you for reading our info

    We hope you could find all you needed to know

    We wish you a nice day.

    And hope that if you have something to celebrate,
    it will become an unforgettable event.

    We would like to contribute to this.
    You can really leave that to us.

    We seek connections with others who want to get everything out of life.

    Creating something beautiful together.
    That is our calling.

    Eugène Simon Impresario.
    Born in Amsterdam

    22 september 1962

    Mother is still living.
    86 years old.


    58 years of experience with being a mother.

    mother - female singer and guitarist also ukelele
    mother Of a son and a daughter.

    Of which her daughter is the oldest.

    Sadly brushed for the second time since the year 2000.

    That hurts for a mother.

    And then also 38 years of widow.

    mother left , father (engineer) right picture   

    His gift to his mother

    Sunday 13 may 2018

    The Mother's Day present from Lady Singer Rachima.
    To her own mother, who is not only a mother but a friend.
    And to all mothers around the world.

    Her idea.

    Worked out with a little help from Eugène Simon Impresario.

    A small consolation.
    Luckily both of her children,


    Let go with regularity
    visit her

    And she says to both children.
    You don't have to come.

    A phone call is also fine.

    And that's reality !


    from left to right
    Eugène Simon Impresario - Ellen Simon - Ben van den Berg (Drums)

                                brother & sister

      Sister - professional female singer, pianist, keyboard player

    Eugène Simon Impresario - Singer, keyboard player
    Ellen Simon - Female Singer, keyboard player
    Glenn Kolmus - Solo and attack jazz guitarist back vocal
    including a student lady singer (lead) now living in Spain and a roady


    5 artists 




                                        brother & sister